Globalicious w/ Dj Kisa, Fouta Flow, Emma-Lee Amponsah, Marie Kerida & Bruselo

Globalicious is a unique concept of cultural event & global grooves party. Our aim is to let people dance on global grooves from all over the world, but also raise consciousness by discussing social and cultural issues. For this edition we invite some great artists and activists such as Dj Kisa, Emma-Lee Amponsah, Fouta Flow and Marie Kerida.



Date: 22 July 2017!


19.30 Doors open
20.00 Docu on dancehall
21.30 Talk w/ Emma-Lee Amponsah (Black Speaks Back) on identity, racism & roots.
22.15 Dance workshop w/ Marie Kerida
23.15 Concert Fouta Flow (reggae)
00.00 Party w/ Dj Kisa & Bruselo

Tickets: 8€ entrance
You can pay at the entrance, but if you want to be sure you enter we recommend to book your ticket in advance.
You send the names of the persons by email: and you deposit the money on this account number before 20/07:
Other Voices
BE19 3631 5640 0012
If this is done your name will be on the guest list at the entrance. The only thing you will need to do is give your name!

Globalicious is a cultural event and party launched by dj, philosopher & author Bruselo aka Bleri Lleshi. The aim is to let people dance on global grooves from all over the world, but also raise consciousness by discussing social and cultural issues.

Globalicious is also a celebration of cultural diversity. We will offer concerts with music all over the world, dance workshops and will introduce you to the diversity of Brussels and the world.

Globalicious is a party! We will invite local and international dj’s to play global grooves and make you dance till the early morning. We play cumbia, Balkan, Arabesque, global funk, coupé décalé, hip hop, dancehall, reggae…

Emma-Lee Amponsah is a Dutch-Ghanian activist and thinker. She is founder of Black speaks Back, which wants to give voice to the black community in Belgium.

Fouta Flow is a Brussels based regga band playing music with soul. They mix tradtional rythms from Mauritania and reggae. Come and discover these talents from Brussels!

Marie Kerida is one of the best dancehall dancers in Belgium. She has been dancing all her life and worked together with some of the most famous dancehall artists. We are very glad she is joining us for a workshop!

>>__GUEST DJ__<<
Dj Kisa is one of the best female dj’s in Spain. Her motto is simple ‘It doesn’t matter whether u ARE or u aren’t in the moody:::: ur shooky body ‘ll shake it from ur feet untill your hoody…:::.!!!’ Expect a fine selection of hip hop, funk, breaks, reggae and dancehall.

>>__YOUR HOST__<<
Bruselo: Philosopher, writer and DJ. Bruselo plays urban roots & global grooves from the mountains of Balkan to the beaches of Brazil: cumbia, Balkan, arabesque, soukous, coupé décalé, hip hop, reggaeton and reggae. Music with groove!

19:30 > 4:30 (come early!)
La Tricoterie, rue Théodore Verhaegen 158, 1060 Brussels

Public Transport:
TRAIN: Gare du midi (10 minutes walking or Tram 81-82)
METRO: 3-4-2-6 – Stop Porte de Hal
TRAM: 81-82-83 – Stop Bethléem, in front of La Tricoterie
BUS: 49-50-32 – Stop Avenue du Roi

Entrance: 8€


Next up: 26/9, 23/9

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