Globalicious is a cultural event and party launched by dj, philosopher & author Bruselo aka Bleri Lleshi. The aim is to let people dance on global grooves from all over the world, but also raise consciousness by discussing social and cultural issues.

Globalicious is also a celebration of cultural diversity. We will offer concerts with music all over the world, dance workshops and will introduce you to the real diversity.

Globalicious is a party! We will invite local and international dj’s to play global grooves and make you dance till the early morning.

Globalicious is more than a party. We offer workshops and talks with national and international guests on various social and cultural issues. These are our Special Guests. We offer stage to local and international slam poets. During our events we will offer insights in these global issues, but also solutions. We want to show the people who join us at Globalicious that alternatives are possible. We consider it our responsibility to let people reflect on various social issues.

We will not only think and discuss, but also act. We will look for ways to support actions and projects for social justice and solidarity.

We are very happy to work together with La Tentation in Brussels and De Centrale in Ghent, two amazing spaces both aiming to connect people.

Globalicious is a unique project in Brussels/Ghent and probably in Europe. Globalicious Team is a very diverse team of around 20 people coming all over the world and at the moment living in Brussels.

Join us at our events and be part of this project. You are most welcome to talk to us during our events or email us at All your tips and ideas are appreciated!